Chemicals & Fluids

chemicals lubricants Industrial Hose SupplyExtreme Lubricants, our high temp, extreme condition lubricants for our customers throughout Las Vegas and greater Nevada.


MRO Solutions lubricants, anti-seize, thread lockers, cleaners and de-greasers from an American industrial hose supply company you can trust, with great savings over the name-brand competition!

Lubricants & Grease

: Multipurpose, Good Grade, Extreme,

Penetrating Oil

Aerosol Applicator

Thread Lock

Medium Strength, Heavy Duty, High Temp


General Purpose, Food Grade, Marine and Extreme

Pipe Sealer

Teflon, Flexible, Pipe Sealing Paste


Citrus Power Degreaser

Fluid/Spill Absorbent

General Purpose Drying Material

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